This page contains notable quotes from Hansel.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

  • "Me and my sister... we have a past. We almost died at the hands of a witch. But that past made us stronger. We'd gotten a taste of blood, witch blood. And we haven't stopped since."
  • "My sister and I never saw our parents again. It was just the two of us. But we learned a couple things while trapped in that house. One, never walk into a house made of candy. And two, if you're gonna kill a witch, set her ass on fire."
  • "Yeah, with a face like that...I’d be angry too."
  • "Trolls are extra."
  • "That's so weird."
  • "It's a little creepy."
  • "We don't talk about that."
  • "I'm old fashioned but Gretel needs more convincing to clarify that someone is a witch."
  • "Yeah. When I was a kid, a witch made me eat so much candy, I got sick. Something happened to me. I have to take this injection every few hours or else I die."[Injects Himself]
  • "You move, you die."
  • "Get her wand."
  • "Will you stop that?"
  • "They need a girl born in April."
  • "Tell me where she lives!"
  • "Feisty b***h."
  • "I think the real damage is to my dignity."
  • When you see my signal, you unleash hell."
  • "Who the f**k's Edward?"
  • What ever you do? Don't eat the f***ing candy."
  • "You look like sh*t, you know that."
  • "Revenge doesn't change the past. It won't bring our parents back. But it sure as hell feels good."