Poster of H & G-WH 3D

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

This article contains the parents guide for the film.

Note: Younger kids will want to see this, as it is based on a fairy tale; the film itself is no fairy tale.

Sex & Nudity

  • Sex is implied between two characters.
  • A woman's buttocks is seen for a few seconds as she strips.
  • A boy touches the cleavage of a woman.
  • Rape is implied (only seen in the extended version of the film)

Drugs/Alcohol Abuse

  • Many men are seen drinking in a pub.
  • A man is seen smoking outside.


There are many violent and gorey scenes in the film which include:

  • Decipitated witches
  • A man eating worms/maggots.
  • That same man explodes.
  • A woman is seen being burned on a stake while her husband is hanged.
  • There are lots of intense fight scenes.


  • Many profane words are used in the film.

Frightening Scenes

  • The witches appearance are scary and disturbing.
  • The amount of blood seen in the film can scare some people.
  • The fact that the witches eat children is also disturbing.